North Cotswold Steam & Vintage Show

    North Cotswold Steam & Vintage Show (formally Northleach steam and vintage show) is a traditional country steam show that originally started as a steam rally in the 1950s and ran as the Northleach Steam and Stationary Engine Show from the 1970s to 2000. After a break of 13 years, the show was successfully revived in 2013 as the Northleach steam and vintage show by Steve Freemantle. In 2021 steve took the decision to retire from running the show and the existing members of the committee decided to continue. in 2022 after COVID restrictions ended the show was restarted but due logistical issues the show was moved to a new location in Notgrove. We have changed our name to reflect this new location.

    We may not be the biggest steam show, but we’ve certainly got tradition and a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere in an idyllic Cotswold setting going for us with a good selection of attractions to see! We operate as not for profit, with organisers and supporters all volunteering their time and expertise towards simply being able to run the show each year and raise some monies for local charities and organisations.

    Our location is off A436, Notgrove, GL54 3BS, 2 miles outside of Bourton-on-the-water


    North Cotswold Steam & Vintage Show is a not-for-profit steam show that relies on the generosity and support of local businesses and individuals to continue. Every year, we have over 5000 visitors join us in our idyllic Cotswold setting to enjoy the result of hundreds of hours of volunteered time to plan and run the show. We charge a small entrance fee to the general public but could not possibly cover the vast costs of running such a show this way alone. The majority of our expenditure such as coal, toilets, insurance etc are contributed to by the generosity of our sponsors and without them, we could not continue.

    Every year, our sponsors are provided advertisement in our programs which are given on the day to our visitors. We also offer arena advertising banners (if provided by sponsor) and over microphone adverts on the event days themselves.

    For more information about becoming a sponsor, please Click Here

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All profits to local causes

    Under 16s




    *Children under 16 are free but must be accompanied by an adult.
    Entry prices include a free show programme

    Q - When are applications accepted for this years event?
    A – Entries typically open on 1st January and close early August. Occasionally, we may change these dates. The exact opening dates will be posted on our site shortly after the current years show has finished. Entries received after closing date will not be accepted.

    Q - Why do entries close so far before the show?
    A – It takes significant time to produce the programs for the show and to plan out the layout of exhibits on the show ground. To give us the required time to do this, we need to close entries before the show.

    Q – Are entries limited?
    A – There is a limit on the amount of entries in all sections. Please register your interest as soon as possible.

    Q – When will I receive my entry pack and how?
    A – Entry packs will be sent approximately 2 weeks before the show date. If you have not had your pack before the weekend prior the show please contact us. Online entries will be sent out via email - PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS. Manual entries will be returned in the envelopes provided.

    Q – What will be in my entry pack?
    A - Your entry pack will contain one form per section for which you have entered exhibits/stalls/catering/marquee each detailing your entries and a one form per entry with an entry number. The entry form(s) are to be presented to your section leader on arrival who will show you to your space on the field and issue you with the requested number of wrist band passes. Your entry number sheets should be printed and displayed somewhere on your exhibit/stand for example on the dashboard or visible in your catering van. The entry numbers are also printed in our programme and allow visitors to locate your entry and learn of its history if applicable. We highly recommend printing these documents and bringing them with you as although we will accept digital copies, we cannot guarantee mobile phone signal on the site.

    Q – Can I just turn up with an entry on the day?
    A – NO. Entries which arrive on the day without admission packs will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.

    Q – What insurance do I need?
    A – All steam exhibits must be covered by public liability insurance with a minimum limit of £5,000,000 to include boiler explosions on steam exhibits which must also include a boiler inspection certificate. Car/truck/tractor entries must be covered by general road insurance OR £5,000,000 public liability. Trade/catering/marquee entries must be covered by £5,000,000 public liability. Insurance can be via a club membership. You will be required to present your public liability cover/boiler inspection certificate on arrival (it can also be provided during entry if it will be valid on the show dates to save yourself time during entry

    Q – What services are provided for steam exhibitors?
    A – Water bowsers and Coal will be provided on site for the full and scale steam engines that attend. Temporary toilets and an Elsan disposable point will be available around the Show Ground

    Q – When must I provide my insurance details?
    A - Trade and catering entries must provide their instance evidence before the show via our online portal. More details can be found on the entry page. Exhibitors may provide their insurance evidence either at the time of entry or on the day.

    Q – Do you provide tables/marquees for trade entries?
    A - No. You will need to provide your own tables and marquees for full size trade entries. We do offer a smaller space in a shared marquee where we provide you a table, however this is by invitation only. Please contact us if you are interest. To avoid disappointment we recommend booking a full size trade pitch.

    Q – What do I get for my trade entry fee?
    A - Trade entries are provided a space on the show field. The field is entirely grass. No electricity, marquees, tables or other facilities are provided for trade entries - you must be fully self sufficient.

    Q – Can I request exactly where I am placed on the field?
    A - We do our best to accommodate requests however planning the show is logistically complicated and we simply cannot please everyone. Pitches will be assigned based on the best way to utilize the space. If you are not happy with your allocated space then please speak to a steward on arrival who may be able to help, but we ask for politeness and understanding at all times in the event that they are unable to move you. Abuse will not be tolerated and anyone directing verbal or physical abuse to our volunteer team will be immediately asked to leave the show ground with no refund.

    Q – Do you provide tables for invited marquees entries?
    A - Yes. You will be provided either one or two tables (please choose during entry) within our single 30ft x 60ft shared marquee. Entries in the marquee are by invitation only and space is limited. There is NO space for vehicles for marquee entries.

    Q - How may passes to do I get with my entry?
    A - 2 per entry. The show exists to support local charities. Rising costs and increased financial pressure means we have made the decision to only provide 2 free passes per entry. All other members of your party are welcome to purchase passes on the day.

    Q - I only wish to enter for one of the two days, is this possible?
    A - Yes, however for paying entries such as trade and catering there is no discount to attend only one of the two days.

    Q – Are dogs permitted on the show grounds?
    A – Yes, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and cleaned up after.

    Q - When can I arrive at the show with my entry?
    A - The show ground opens each day from the Thursday prior to the show at 7am on each day. Please do not arrive earlier than the Thursday prior to the show. All entries must depart the show grounds by the 5pm of the Wednesday following the shows weekend.

    Q – Is there a charge to exhibit at the show?
    A – Steam & vintage exhibitor entries are free. Trade & invited catering entries will be required to pay a fee based on frontage during entry application, with all monies going to local causes and helping support the show for future years. Invited marquee entries will be required to pay a fee based on the number of days exhibiting and number of tables required. You will be able to make this payment during your Online Entry Application securely via debit or credit card (via PayPal). Charity entries are also free.

    Q – What types of exhibits are accepted?
    A – We are looking for entries in the following classes: Steam engines (both full and scale size), Stationary Engines, Classic Cars (At least 20 years old unless there is something especially vintage about the exhibit), Tractors (with or within implements), Motor and Commercial Vehicles, Vintage Bicycles

    Q – What types of stalls etc are accepted?
    A - Being a country steam and vintage show we are looking for stalls that will compliment the theme, so steam or vintage related stalls, crafts, country clothing, agricultural and local produce.

    Q – Can I download an entry form to exhibit or provide a trade stall?
    A – In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we request where ever possible that Exhibitors and Trade entries enter online here. If you do require a printable form, please Contact Us. Printable forms are provided for Exhibitors only - trade and catering entries must be made online.

    Q - Can I bring my vehicle into the show ground?
    A - Only one per exhibit/trade stand will be allowed on the show ground, additional vehicles are to go in the car park. You may NOT bring a vehicle for marquee entries onto the show ground as there is limited space, however you may bring your vehicle to setup and then return it to the car park. If you need your vehicle, please book a full size trade entry.

    Q – Is there a charge to attend as a charity stall?
    A - Charity stalls will not be asked to pay as one of the goals of the show is to help local charities, however do note charity entries are limited so please register your interest early.

    Q – Do you provide generators for catering or trade entries?
    A - No. All entries must provide their own power source if they need one, generators are not provided.

    Q – Will I be asked to make a donation at the end of the show like previous years?
    A – If you do wish to make a donation you are more than welcome to provide one. Donation buckets will be around the show ground all weekend.

    Q – Can I download an entry form to supply a catering entry?
    A – No. Entries for the catering section are by invitation only.

    Q – Can I download an entry form to supply an entry in your shared marquee?
    A – No. Entries for the marquee are by invitation only.

    Q – Can I hold my own raffle or other event from my trade entry?
    A – No. Trade stands may not partake in any other activity other than what they explicitly detail on their entry form.

    Q – I have been invited to provide a catering entry, can I serve alcohol?
    A – No. Only the bar may serve alcohol no exceptions

    Q – I have been invited to provide a catering entry, do I need to provide any additional documentation?
    A – Yes. As well as public liability cover as detailed above, catering entries must provide their food hygiene certificates at time of entry.

    Q – How can I purchase a ticket?
    A – You can simply turn up on the day and pay on the gate via Cash or Card or new for 2024 you can pre-purchase tickets online from the 1st of January

    Q – Why does purchasing tickets online include a booking fee?
    A – All online payments are subject to processing fees by our payment provider. To cover these costs, online ticket purchases include a small booking fee.

    Q – Are there seats on the show ground?
    A – A limited number of seats are available in the bar & tea rooms. Make shift seating (wooden logs) is provided around the show ground. We cannot guarantee availability of seating however since it is number dependent. If you absolutely require a seat during your visit, we recommend you bring your own in the form of a fold up camping chair. We cannot provide hay bales due to the cost inured to the providing farmers should it rain.

    Q – Where is the show located?
    A - The show is run in a field provided by Notgrove estate, postcode GL54 3BS. We recommend using What 3 Words to locate the show grounds ///bucked.trap.stint

    Q – What services are provided?
    A – Temporary toilets will be available around the Show Ground as well as limited seating

    Q – Are dogs permitted on the show grounds?
    A – Yes, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and cleaned up after.

    Q - What are the opening times of the show to the public?
    A – The show grounds are open from 10am to 5pm Saturday, and 10am to 4pm Sunday.

    Q – Is there car parking and how close is it to the show?
    A – Yes, there is free car parking on the show ground and it is located less than a minutes walk from the show entrance.

    Q – Is the site wheelchair friendly?
    A – The show ground is fairly flat but it is field in a rural location. Rain can make access difficult

    Q - Can visitors camp on the show ground?
    A – Yes. We are delighted this year to be taking camping entries via our website. You may enter here and camping entries will be placed on the show ground with the ability to enjoy the Saturday evening entertainment along with the Exhibitors

    Q - Is there a charge to attend?
    A - Yes, will all profits going to local charities. Charges are shown above.

    Q – Where can I camp as a visitor?
    A – Camping is provided directly on the show ground alongside the Exhibitors. You may book a spot here

    Q – How much does it cost to camp?
    A – Camping is £50 for a tent/motorhome/caravan and this includes the price of two adult tickets for admission to the show

    Q – Is the camping ticket refundable?
    A – No, except in the event the show does not take place.

    Q – When can I arrive and depart the camping grounds?
    A – You are welcome to arrive at the show at the time it becomes open to Exhibitors. See here for details

    Q – When will I receive my camping entry pass?
    A – Passes will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before the show via email. If you have not had your pass by the weekend prior to the show, please contact us. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS

    Q – What do I get for my sponsorship?
    A – For your sponsorship we will place an advertisement for your business in our show programme which is seen by all visitors to the show (typically approx. 5000 over the course of the weekend). You will also get complementary passes which provide you and friends free entry to the show for both days.

    Q – Does the amount of sponsorship matter?
    A – Any sponsorship is welcome. The amount sponsored determines the space given to your advert in our programme and the number of complementary passes offered. The current rates are: £40 - 1/4 page, 2 complementary passes; £70 - 1/2 page, 4 complementary passes; £100+ - Full page (A5), 8 complementary passes.

    Q - How will by complementary passes be delivered?
    A – The complementary passes will be hand delivered just before the show date for local businesses. Where this isn't possible, they will be posted.

    Q – How do I sponsor?
    A – Simply click here and complete the online form to sponsor via PayPal (Visa, Mastercard etc).

    Q – Can I sponsor via Cheque?
    A – We prefer online payments where possible but if this isn't possible you are welcome to send a Cheque made payable to North Cotswold Steam & Vintage show. Please contact us to request our postal address.

    Q – When will my order be posted?
    A – Your order will be posted on the Monday following the day you place your order.

    Q – How much is shipping?
    A – Shipping is via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and costs £5.95 per order. Orders over £50 qualify for free shipping.

    Q – Can I choose a cheaper shipping option?
    A – No. We are a small team of volunteers and to keep logistics simple, only offer one method of shipment on all orders.

    Q – Can you ship orders outside the UK?
    A – No.

    Q - Can I return my item for a refund / exchange?
    A – Yes - Within 30 days unopened (unless faulty) and at your own postage expense. Please see our returns policy for details.

    Local causes

    We are very proud to support local causes around the North Cotswolds with all profits from the show. Over the years, many donations have been made including:

    • Firefighters Charity

    • Cotswold Riding Opportunities Project-Crop

    • Chedworth Preschool

    • Sunflower Suicide Awareness

    • Show joint chair Ian Hanks and treasurer Michael Dixey present Cotswold Riding opportunities with a cheque for £300 following the 2022 show.

    Help us keep this local tradition going!

    If you are local to the area and would like to help the show or have any queries, please contact us using the link below.


    Please note the organisers of the event cannot be held responsible for any advertised attractions that fail to appear.